About Us

Everyone should have access to fresh and healthy food.

Our goal is to promote healthy living while also ensuring food security. Our two business divisions, Dobi AgriCo, a 200-hectare farm, and Dobi Fresh, a commodity aggregation division, are positioned to contribute to the country’s food sufficiency.
Our Process
What drives us

Welcome to
Dobi AgriCo

All our team members work hard every day to develop sustainable processes that deliver the freshest produce to you. We believe everyone should have access to fresh and healthy food..
Our Mission
To deliver value in the communities where we operate by harnessing the full potential of the Nigerian agricultural value chain
Our Vision
To contribute to the nutritional wellbeing of our community by delivering sustainable and affordable quality produce
Our Values

Three pillars of focus

We are committed to creating value within the agricultural sector and hold ourselves to a standard of excellence, serving our communities with integrity.
Supporting the community
60% of the Dobi AgriCo team are from the host community (Dobi), and a significant portion of these are women.
Farm - to - table
We constantly innovate and improve the produce value chain so that our clientele enjoy fresh farm produce.
Local content
In our daily activities, we prioritize the usage of local content such as people as well as farming inputs.
Our Process

A Journey from our farm to your plate

1. Sourced
2. Cultivated
3. Harvested
4. Distributed
5. Served

Quality inputs such as seeds are purchased from certified sellers

Sowing is done in trays with good media, which ensures that the growing conditions are favourable for germinating and that seedlings have the required nutrients.
Seedlings in growing crates
1. Sourced
2. Cultivated
3. Harvested
4. Distributed
5. Served

Production begins in the nursery, with seeds sown in trays.

After sterilizing the growing media, the seedlings are placed in neat and disinfected pots which are adequately arranged in the disinfected Greenhouse.

The crops are constantly pruned, sterilized, fertigated, and sprayed throughout the growth process while practicing Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
1. Sourced
2. Cultivated
3. Harvested
4. Distributed
5. Served

The produce is harvested at the desired level of ripening.

Depending on the purchase orders of various customers, the product is carefully harvested and stored in a controlled environment reducing the chances of bruising.  
1. Sourced
2. Cultivated
3. Harvested
4. Distributed
5. Served

Selected produce are distributed with modern, clean cold vans.

Graded produce are transported onto the cold van for distribution to various customers at a temperature of 18°C.

Those that are not ready for distribution, on the other hand, are kept in the cold room for proper storage.
Cold storage of produce
1. Sourced
2. Cultivated
3. Harvested
4. Distributed
5. Served

Our produce make it to your plate within a week from harvest

Throughout the year, we aggregate and supply vegetables and other produce, including sesame, to established retail chains, wholesalers, and corporate clients.
Our Team

Working together, delivering great value

Ayodeji Ibosiola, General Manager | Dobi AgriCo

Ayodeji Ibosiola

General Manager
Kelvin Busolo, Head Grower | Dobi AgriCo

Kelvin Busolo

Head Grower
Moshood Buhari, Finance Manager | Dobi AgricCo

Moshood Buhari

Finance Manager
Ibrahim Sheikh, Agronomist | Dobi AgriCo

Ibrahim Sheikh

Margaret Adeniyi, Farm Supervisor | Dobi AgriCo

Margaret Adeniyi

Farm Supervisor
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tons of produce since 2013
Since our first shipment of tomatoes in 2013, we've constantly improved our fully integrated agriculture structure,  providing healthy, sustainable, and quality-controlled agricultural products.




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Tonnes of produce in the last 4 years


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