Investing in the
greater good

Customer Satisfaction and profitability are crucial to Dobi AgriCo, but they are only one part of the equation. A successful business must also contribute to the growth of its host community.

We are proud to support ongoing interventions that make our communities better places to live for everyone, from product donations to assisting with feeding those in need.

"A successful business must also be a contributing part of its host community growth."


Our touch points

Solar Power
Dobi AgriCo recently completed the installation of a 95-kilowatt hybrid Solar Power System on the farm. Our adoption of the renewable energy system is in line with our commitment to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while encouraging food security.

This significant move is being implemented in a long-term modular expansion program where the solar energy generation capacity will be increased in line with planned expansion of the farm’s production capacity.

The installation of this power generation system is projected to displace approximately 621 metric tons of carbon dioxide throughout its operating lifetime. This figure is expected to increase with the modular expansion plans of the hybrid Solar Power System.
Dobi AgriCo has also planted over 750 trees to help reduce air temperature and minimize heat intensity by keeping carbon dioxide levels low. Furthermore, these trees act as long-term wind breaks, reducing the impact of severe winds on the farm. This is a long-term initiative as Dobi AgriCo plans to plant at least 500 trees every rainy season for the next five years.
Host Community
We support our host communities and Nigeria's education ecosystem by engaging at both the institutional and local levels, allowing more children to participate in learning activities.