Dobi AgriCo Commissions 95kW Solar Power Plant

July 7, 2023
Dobi AgriCo Commissions 95kW Solar Power Plant

We are truly proud and delighted to announce the successful commissioning of a 95KW solar power plant at our farm. This significant renewable energy project marks a major milestone in our drive and commitment to sustainability, sustainable operations, and clean energy generation.

The newly installed solar power plant comprises solar panels, an inverter and an Energy Storage System (ESS), positioned to generate clean electricity for our farming operations. It is estimated that the plant will produce approximately 160 MWh of clean energy annually, equivalent to reducing 24 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions annually and save approximately 64,000 liters of diesel consumption each year. With our commissioning of the solar power plant, we are taking a giant leap forward in reducing our carbon footprint and becoming a role model for sustainable agricultural operations in Nigeria.

We believe that this commissioning will serve as a shining example for other farms and businesses in sub-Saharan Africa, inspiring them to adopt sustainable practices and contribute to a low-carbon economy.

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